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Anonymous asked: I waited a few months to tell you I think you're cool.


Similar to the snickers slogan: if you think I’m cool why wait (to tell me)?

Ok, ill admit to being corny. But thanks anyway!


SZA - Child’s Play ft. Chance The Rapper 

THIS IS MAGICAL…. did Chance just use “YAA SEE” lool if you know you know. Be sure to look out for SZA project ‘Z’ dropping April 8.


must you look at me while i have knives in my eyes?

Must you look at me while I have knives in my eyes?

You must not see how sharp they are?

I’m not real pretty right now. In fact I feel real fucking gritty right now.

Screw all my “classy”, I’m pressed with the need to be real petty right now

You see, this dude broke my heart and I’m just dying to exact revenge.

Hell, I’m not even crying about it

I’m on edge, I’ve come off my hinge

Don’t goggle at me while my guns are still hot in their holsters

I cannot be responsible for your wounds by way of bullet.

I just don’t get it

I don’t see how you could swoon

I right now, I am vicious!  

I’m sorry baby forget it. It’s clear that I can’t fool you

I’m not about to hurt anyone but me

I’m just a sheep in wolves’ clothes. Better yet, I am just a scarecrow

Passively aggressively just standing there to scare

I’ve slapped on the overalls like somebody’s raggedy Ann

Stuffed up to my neck by shredded versions of the poems he used to recite for my heart

Before it broke

But how could you be falling in love?

Honey, quit looking at me the way that you do

I’m not all the way over him

And I’d hate it if I cut you.

iamjameslewis asked: Thanks again for checking it out!!! I really work hard on my music, thanks for helping me share it to the world, because I know its more great people like you out there that will enjoy it also!! Thanks again!!!

You’re so welcome!!


The Middle Class Presents: James Lewis & LeThomas Lee “Fallen Ashes”

Something smooth to kick off 2014!!!
Check it out!!!

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So much excitement for tonight!

Its a beautiful day out!

I’m going to hang with my bestie (haven’t seen her in weeks)!

We’re celebrating a birthday at Benihanas!

Its a double date/ blind date for me.

I’m putting on some fucking heels! (yessssss)

And.. I’ve got nothing to study for the rest of the week!

Whoop whoop. I can feel the depression lifting off me today.